GRK 1808 TInCAP 5
Tübingen Interdisciplinary Corpus of Ambiguity Phenomena

Welcome to TInCAP

The Tübingen Interdisciplinary Corpus of Ambiguity Phenomena (TInCAP) is an interdisciplinary, multimodal collection of ambiguity phenomena. Currently, the collection includes examples of ambiguity from the fields of linguistics, literary studies, rhetoric, media studies, theology, psychology, philosophy, and law. The TInCAP annotation schema includes the classification of the relevance of ambiguity, divided into production and reception, strategic and non-strategic use, and different communication levels (such as the perspective of characters in the narrated world or the interpretation of readers). These criteria are supplemented by further quantitative and qualitative classification options, for which both interdisciplinary terms were created and discipline-specific terminology was used. In addition to these metadata, relevant to the interdisciplinary research questions of Graduate College 1808, each entry includes bibliographical information and possible paraphrasing of the ambiguity phenomenon. Thus, TInCAP enables the examination of similarities of ambiguity and related phenomena as well as systematic differences.

TInCAP has been designed and developed in the frame of the Research Training Group 1808: Ambiguity - Production and Perception.